The Only Option for Bihar People to Live Comfortable is Government Job

Bihar Government jobs

Many parents in Bihar think that Bihar Govt Jobs is good and stable; they also believe that if their son or daughter works in private sectors one day they may be seized out.  So they are pretty sure that the government job is a lifetime job. They have a fear if their children work in private sectors they may move to foreign countries and they will not come to India often. Dowry is a massive ubiquity in Bihar. Most of the people fetch more dowries if their son has a government job. This could be one of the possible reasons. Many people come from very poor families and they show enthusiastic and hard work. In India, particularly in north India, the respected job is IAS officer so this is a great job they can choose. It is also like the traditional method they follow, so Bihar people like to do the job that connects them with more people.

Academic studying system in Bihar is very strict and has a lot of competition. Similarly, it makes a little space for the people use of their mind so they can tend to achieve things by reading books and concentrating their mind in a different way. Historically people had the first kingdom in India magadh and the first democracy vaishali. Chanakya was also from Bihar so the involvement towards administrative and political works naturally comes to Bihar people. In fact, there is no scope to start a small business because of strict law and order. Massive corruption and criminal activities in the base level push private sectors into risk job. The high demand and low supply of Bihar government jobs have also made them prestigious. Therefore, there are no more private companies initiated. If there is a lack of business differently there will be lack of jobs. We cannot see the success of IT industry in Bihar. Some people give importance to their personal life than anything else in the world.

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